San Diego Bird Rescue - Saving One Beak At A Time!
Adoption Information: Our birds have various adoption fees ranging from $200 - $1,000 Our birds are all checked by an Avian Vet and all 100% healthy before being available for adoption.
If interested, please fill out your contact information and desire to adopt on our contact page and an application will be emailed to you. Upon reviewing your application you will either be approved to proceed or denied.
The adoption process is not a quick or sudden procedure. There are five steps to be completed:
1) Home Inspection
2) Family Interview and Q & A meeting
3) Required classes (can be waived if prior bird exp. and the reviewer is satisfied with present knowledge and or exp.)
4) Bird interaction (to ensure compatibility)
5) Final approval
Classes taught:
Bird 101
Behaviors & Nutrition
Toy Making
Birdie"Boot Camp". (For those of you who want your bird to overcome bad habits, or be a more predictable, tame and loving bird.) It also teaches YOU how to be a better Pet Parent!
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