San Diego Bird Rescue - Saving One Beak At A Time!
Events & Services
We welcome invitations
 to Schools, community events, senior residences, hospitals, and Kids Birdday Parties.

Thanicare, for all your pet needs at a time of loss. From pick up at your home, to cremation etc.

 If you find a wild animal, injured or misplaced click here
or call:
Check out an outstanding rescue group for dogs and cats.
Avian/Exotic Medical Services
Dr. Jeff Jenkins
Call (619)260-1412

 DABVP-Avian Practice
Specialist in Avian Medicine
Our professional staff has extensive experience in the husbandry, nutrition, behavior, medicine and surgery of exotics , birds (parrots, passerines, toucans, ratites, raptors, etc.).
We offer the latest in diagnostics, treatment and surgical modalities to provide the best preventative and curative care for your exotic pets.
In-house diagnostics include comprehensive profiles, cytology, radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy/laparoscopy.

Capturing the Beauty of
San Diego
Liz L. James
Freelance Photographer

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